The Alliance is looking to progress research and knowledge on advanced manufacturing. Currently, we are looking to collaborate or take on researchers/students/apprentices in the following areas:

  • Heat Treatment Effects on Bulk Cold Sprayed Components
  • Manufacturing Innovation: Barriers to Adoption and Sustainability
  • Application Testing and Formal Compliance Pathways for 3D Printed Components
  • Residual Stress and Defect Distribution in Bulk Cold Sprayed Components
  • Material Combinations, Gradients and Interfaces for Components made from Supersonic 3D Deposition
  • Shape Conformation and Optimization for Items Produced Using Supersonic 3D Deposition
  • Comparative Environmental, Economic and Manufacturing Footprint of Manufacturing Techniques (e.g. embedded energy)
  • Metal Trades Apprentice
  • Design and production of portable, modular fabrication and testing facilities
  • Electrical Discharge Machining as an application of the SPEE3D technology
  • Intelligent procedures, maintenance and training
  • Application case studies in the area of:
    • Defence
    • Remote Housing
    • Oil & Gas
    • Automotive
    • Your industry where you have a pain point.

Please contact us at Krishnan.Kannoorpatti@cdu.edu.au or call us on  +61 8 8946 6219 to discuss these possibilities.

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