Face Shield Straps

Design IDs:

  • Face Shield Over head Strap 1  V-01
  • Face Shield Over head Strap 2  V-01
  • Face Shield Behind Head Strap 1  V-01
  • Face Shield Behind Head Strap 2  V-01

These straps were designed as an optional add on for the Stingray and Crescent head bands. They offer additional overhead support or can replace the elastic band. It is more up to personal preference whether they are utilized instead of the elastic. The added benefit of the plastic straps is they may be easier to sterilize in comparison to the elastic. The straps can be 3D printed or cut with a 2D process from a sheet.

These straps were designed by members of the Advanced Manufacturing Alliance @ CDU in consultation with local healthcare professionals.

  • 2D profile for cutting or 3D printing.
  • Friction fit
  • Easier to disinfect in comparison to elastic fabric.

  • Recommended materials are polycarbonate, PETG, or PVC. Other plastics may be suitable. PETG is recommended if 3D printing. PLA may be suitable but note that it is more brittle.
  • Thickness of 500-1000 microns recommended (0.5-1mm).

Designed by:

  • Matt Harbidge and Rebecca Murray


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