A4 Face Shield Visor

Design ID: A4 Face Shield Visor V-01

This is a face shield visor designed for easy and rapid manufacture. It was designed with the intention of providing health care workers with an interim supply of face shield visors. It can be cut from a sheet via 2D processes such as laser or waterjet cutter, or 3D printed. Using a waterjet cutter, it and has been tested with 250 micron thick PVC  (see the face shield Design SummaryInstructions for Use and Testing Report for further detail).

  • Sizing: A4 sized sheet (210x297mm) enabling flexible on-site manufacturing.
    • Minimum width of 295mm.
    • Length can be modified to suit coverage/mobility preferences. Recommended minimum = 180mm.
    • Recommended sheet thickness- 250-500 micron
  • Attachment holes can be created using an EU/AUD standard 4-hole punch, (4x 6mm holes, 80mm spacing). Enables flexible on-site manufacturing.
  • Design includes rounded corners for comfort

Recommended transparent materials of 200-500 micron thickness:

  • PETG
  • Polycarbonate
  • PVC

Designed by:

  • Matt Harbidge and Rebecca Murray


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